Therapeutic Area:  Spine  •  Cervical

Tryptik®2   Cervical Anterior plate system

Quality, Innovation, Simplicity.

The TRYPTIK®2 C-PLATE system consists of sterile-packed implants and a single compact instrument set.

Pairing a one-step anti-backout mechanism with streamlined instrumentation, we are proud to offer to surgeons and operative room staff a practical handy solution for anterior cervical pathologies treatments.


  • Zero Profile
  • Made from Titanium alloy, TI6AL4VEL1
  • 1,2,3 OR 4 Levels (Ranging from 20mm to 92mm)
  • 2.4mm profile and 16.5mm width
  • Anatomically shaped to fit the patient
  • Smooth surfaces to prevent soft tissue irritation
  • Pre-contoured in sagittal plane to allow lordosis


  • Variable angle screws =- 15 degrees of motion
  • Self tapping and self drilling options
  • Colour coded diameter: 4mm blue, 4.4nmm purple
  • Screw Lengths 12mm to 18mm in 2mm increments
  • Hexalobe recess for greater torque

Insertion options

  • Free hand single barrel guide
  • Single barrel guide fixed 15 degrees
  • ADS double barrel guide 0 degrees
  • ADS double barrel guide 15 degrees